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Mr. Yuvraj Shidhaye & Darshil Shah

Mr. Yuvraj Shidhaye & Mr. Darshil Shah

Achiever's Success Story

TreadBinary- Treading towards success

In barely 1.5 years of operations, TreadBinary has successfully established its name in the domains of SAP consulting, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure consulting, Research and solutioning and Industry 4.0. TreadBinary already has active transactions with companies based in Germany, Netherlands, France and USA in addition to Indian customers. One patent is already published and work is in progress for their next one. TreadBinary has not only developed and launched an application (hac– cutting optimization and production planning) but has also earned recognition by the well-known companies of the fabrication industry. The sales are growing and so is the application with new updates, upgrades and features. TreadBinary is expanding its operations from one office to three, anticipating triple growth in the next 2 years.

Though the above accomplishments are noticeable milestones, the promoters Darshil & Yuvraj got together with the goal of changing the image of India and Indian experts as being innovative, principle oriented and high-quality delivering assets as opposed to the existing image of being global development factory.

While we see the good part, the picture was not always this rosy. Yuvraj comes from mechanical engineering background with management know-how and Darshil is a technology specialist. In the 10 years of their individual careers, they spent last 4 years working in the same multinational organization where they bonded and performed beyond their roles. They both had the common goal of being innovators but the scope for an innovator in an MNC is next to zilch due to budget constraints. But the peers and mentors who knew about their love and quest for innovation, encouraged them to pursue the dreams to full potential and supported them in every possible way.

They both quit their jobs at the onset of a global pandemic and started developing the PoC backed by intense market survey that gauged the potential for traction in the industry. . Business proposal with realistic projections was presented to multiple financers, angel investors and venture capitalists. One financer agreed to incubate the two under their existing IT organization with full funding. The duo with full enthusiasm and dedication started working on the ideas and projects. Within three months from the start of engagement, it was realised that engagement couldn’t work and the financier demanded return of the utilised funds. The duo had to make a choice. They could easily continue the engagement by continuing the engagement at the terms of the financier, losing the IP of their application and have necessary funding to develop the intended application and successfully launch it in the market. The other option was tough i.e. to step out on their own, arrange funds for the venture and start the process over. The duo decided not to compromise on their dream or the product IP and also not to get bound by the invisible financial fence. Hence, with  support from their spouses and parents, they decided to go all in with their complete savings to achieve what they had set out for. Their spouses supported them by not only taking the  financial responsibility of the house but also supported in the initial operations of TreadBinary.

Slowly and steadily, the family grew. TreadBinary was also blessed to get a team who not only believed in the promoters’ vision but extended their cooperation wherever possible. With the relentless efforts of the complete team and sleepless nights spent working, team TreadBinary was able to prove to every customer, who gave them the opportunity, that they have made the right choice. Friends and network supported the duo in getting their initial leads and references. The exposure to organizational culture in the multinational environment helped the duo allocate sufficient time and budget towards policy definitions, process standardisation and digitalisation of administrative, HR, Finance and Accounting and operational processes. Also, TreadBinary is fully compliant to legal, financial and tax compliances along with having necessary registrations to operate smoothly and lawfully. This helps build company’s readiness for fast growth. TreadBinary targets to achieve Rs. 3000 CR revenue in the first 10 years. This cannot be possible without your support, co-operation and blessings. So please join us in our journey by extending your opportunities for mutual growth.

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