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The liberalisation of trade and growth of the private sector, influenced by the remarkable performance of information technology, communications and bio-technology, has set a new belief that role of the State is reduced and that the private sector is emerging as a fuel to the national economy. Hence the State is moving towards the role of facilitator rather than as a provider of all services.

In most of the developed countries, it is a common perception that the Corporate sector can and should contribute not only to their own shareholder returns but that such returns, in the long term are intimately linked to the wider community in which they operate.

Since India is the largest democracy and the fifth largest economy of the world. There are more than 1600 languages and dialects spoken by a population of over one billion. The opportunities and conditions for growth in India requires a commitment by various national and international organisations to praise the achievements of the private sector and development of the human capital.

Indian Achievers’ Forum draws attention on the theme “how the successful achievers can help the social & economic infrastructural development in and around the country.” It will provide examples of social entrepreneurs and successful models of the society and corporate sector partnership. Indian Achievers’ Forum is the partnership of business, political, professional and other representatives of the Indian community to define and discuss the key issues on the Indian economic agenda.

Since the rapid growth and development of the Indian economy has increased the need for a common platform where all the sections of community can discuss the major issues of India’s economic growth. Indian Achievers’ Forum is the platform which engages in developing and sharing ideas, opinions and knowledge on the key issues.
An approach by Indian Achievers’ Forum that places emphasis on beneficiary participation will create awareness in all sectors and move towards developing stronger and more collaborative partnership.


Sunil Shastri
Chief Patron, Indian Achievers' Forum

I have been associated with Indian Achievers’ Forum (IAF) since its inception in 2000. I would like to add my perspective to the latter through my personal experiences of learning from none other than my father, the former prime minister of India Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. Once I had lost my temper at one of the helpers in our house. But on my father’s instance, I learnt that how apologizing to someone below your stature can actually make you a better human being. I learnt that even when one achieves the highest status in life, there is absolutely no excuse for thinking less of anyone. I feel delighted to represent a forum that has been actively involved in not only highlighting the great achievements of people but also in promoting traders, businesses and social welfare activities in various fields from arts to science and technology.

Ravi Shankar
Hon.Secretary Indian Achievers' Forum​

Practising Self Excellence is the best way to achieve Organizational Excellence. There are many individuals and organisations in India who are committed to excellence and achieving success in their own domains. Such accomplishments may not be known publicly yet they are no mean achievements. This is where Indian Achievers’ Forum (IAF) has been playing a catalytic role in bringing these achievers on a common platform and recognizing them for their phenomenal work in their own domain, in the presence of eminent luminaries from Government, Industry and Institutional bodies. Over the years, IAF has gained in stature and emerged as a leading forum in both Indian and International arena, recognizing Indian achievers and motivating them to achieve greater heights. I wish them success in all their endeavors.

Harish Chandra
Executive Director-IAF & Editor, Achievers’ World​

India is a country of constant growth with hidden talent waiting to be discovered, nurtured and recognised. We wanted to make sure this talent not going to waste… and that is how Indian Achievers’ Forum took its inception with a philosophy that “anybody and everybody can be an achiever, if he or she is guided in the right direction.” At Indian Achievers’ Forum, we encourage dreamers and performers to collaborate, synergize, exchange ideas and lead our nation towards socioeconomic growth. The mantra of IAF is “to succeed, but never at the cost of our planet.”  This Forum is a multi-dimensional and our programmes benefit in many ways. They open new opportunities, improve skills, boost businesses, introduce severals local entrepreneurs to the global market, and invite international companies to invest in India.


Our primary goal is to promote industries and to ensure that government and society as a whole, understand both the needs of industry and its contribution to the nation’s well-being.

For this, we work

  • To identify and strengthen industry’s role in the economic development of the country.
  • To act as a catalyst in bringing about the growth and development of Indian Industry.
  • To reinforce industry’s commitment to society.
  • To create awareness and support industry’s efforts on quality, environment and consumer protection.
  • To identify and address the special needs of the small sector.
  • To promote cooperation with counterpart organisations.
  • To work towards the globalisation of Indian industry and integration into the world economy.
  • This is done by adopting a proactive and partnership approach with the government on various national and international issues concerning the Indian economy It closely interacts on policy issues at both the central and state levels. Extensive dialogue and interaction with members and all sections of the community, and build consensus.


  • Indian Achievers’ Forum is the partnership of business, political, professional and other representatives of the Indian community to define and discuss the key issues on the Indian economic agenda.
  • Indian Achievers’ Forum draws attention on the theme “how the successful Achievers can help the social & economic infrastructural development in and around the country.” It will provide examples of social entrepreneurs and successful models of the society and corporate sector partnership.
  • In support of this mission, Indian Achievers’ Forum has adopted the following goals.
  • To deliver programs that enhance technical and business skills.
  • To gather and analyse information on emerging trends impacting the industry’s future.
  • To provide methods for effectively communicating information helpful to recognition specialists.
  • To provide environments where ideas and information can be shared.
  • To maintain a strong and viable organisation.


Indian Achievers’ Forum acts like a two-way bridge between a) the business opportunities in India and investors from foreign countries who understand the potential of Indian market for their products and services; and b) between the Indian investors and the business opportunities in foreign soils.

The forum regularly organises B2B meetings in India as well as abroad where people meet opportunities and opportunities meet people.

Investment Opportunities:

The Indian Achievers’ Forum also creates investment opportunities for the Indian and foreign investors through tie ups with different chambers of commerce. The forum acts like a facilitation partner between the investors and the chambers of commerce in highlighting the opportunities, challenges and long term mutual benefits. Indian Achievers’ Forum seeks to promote and encourage friendly feelings, fraternity, unity and co-operation among the entrepreneurs, businessmen and other people engaged in various sectors of Indian economy. It also seeks to foster co-operation amongst the business community for collection and exchange of information.

The forum arranges meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops on the key issues with leading agencies and associations. The Forum organises re-orientation training programmes, development & other related programmes for the development & knowledge of the members of the forum. The forum secures all the advantages for the social welfare of the members of the organisation through peaceful means.

To provide professional consultancy services to other existing agencies, both private and public for their development programmes including formulation, design, implementation and evaluation.

  • Further, the Forum also promotes, encourages and assists scientific research, surveys and training in the field of commerce, trade promotions, industry and allied subjects.
  • The Forum also promotes, encourages and gives recognition to the members of the forum for excellent performance in their respective fields.
  • The Forum encouraging members to provide world-class quality products, services and solutions in India; it helps in building brand equity for the Indian Industry.


  • Indian Achievers’ Forum has a full-fledged Advisory board which consists of nos. of high profile people and personalities from all the fields from politicians to the intellectuals. The strategic direction is provided by the Advisory board. The Advisory board has overall responsibility for establishing and guiding the long-term direction and objectives of the Forum as it reaches out to both the business world and to civil society.

  • The Advisory board represents the interests of the forum’s members. It has specific responsibility for ensuring that the membership of the Forum is deeply and actively engaged in pursuing its mission.

  • Indian Achievers’ Forum is an independent, impartial, non-profit foundation which acts for the benefits of the Indian business community. 

  • The Forum has a two-tier membership structure i.e.



    However the governing body of the Forum has the right to appoint any distinguished/eminent person as PATRON of the FORUM.

    The members are at the centre of the Forum’s work to identify and formulate responses to the most important issues on the Indian agenda. The members are committed to active involvement in the work of the Forum and to supporting the Forum financially. They proactively participate in shaping the Indian agenda and lead dialogues and cooperative actions with the other key members and constituents in India.

    The Characteristics of members includes:

    1.  They rank among the top companies within their industries.

    2. The dimension of their activities in social terms.

    3. A leading role in shaping the future of their industry and or region.

    They include Corporate through CEOs, Chairmans, MDs, Proprietors, Partners, Engineers, Scientists, Doctors, Professional and Consultants, Eminent Individuals, etc.


Sunil Shastri

Chief Patron & President, Lal Bahadur Shastri Foundation

Sunil Shastri is a former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and Ex-Cabinet Minister in the Government of Uttar Pradesh. His rich profile and political experience highlights the services for the country during his 40-year-long political leadership with a spotless track record, like his father, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, ex-Prime Minister of India. He had held public offices as Minister for over 8 years in the UP Government, as the Chairman of the Minimum Wages Advisory Board, Ministry of Labour, Government of India. He served as secretary/general secretary for national parties and contributed to campaign management and media management as spokesperson. On the social work front, he represented several educational institutions as chairman and board member. He has also done commendable works for rural uplift through self-employment, and education in the poverty struck areas in our country

Harish Chandra

Executive Director & Editor, Achievers World
Harish Chandra, an alumnus of Delhi University, is a well-known entrepreneur working in the domains of Media, CSR, Branding and Social Entrepreneurship. An astute professional, an able leader with smart business acumen and team building abilities, he is the Editor of two renowned publications - ACHIEVERS’ WORLD and CSR TIMES. He has led several National and International business delegations to countries like USA, UK, Russia, Southeast Asia and Middle East. He has done remarkable work in promoting MSMEs and Startups globally. He is also associated with many National and International Chambers of Commerce.

S. Ravishankar

Hon. Secretary, Indian Achieverrs' Forum
S. Ravishankar is an experienced Consulting Professional, with over 32 years of leadership qualities in business development, corporate strategy and sales/marketing in large private and public sector enterprises and in Management Consulting and Training. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer in Ceresta Business Consulting, a premier management consulting firm and Director of EnerGlobe Academy, a leading training academy in Energy and Infrastructure Sector. Ravishankar holds a Post-Graduate degree in Management from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He also holds a Global Managers’ Programme (GMP) Certification from IIM Calcutta


Close interaction with IAF’s renowned Members, Government agencies, international agencies and academia. Assistance to trade and industry in becoming competitive in national and international markets. Promotion of international trade through meetings with visiting foreign business delegations, and participation in Trade Fairs/Exhibitions. Expert advice on diverse subjects such as industrial growth, monetary and fiscal policy, exchange rate policy, economic planning, taxation and corporate laws. Regular and timely information on latest national and international policies Govt. legislation and technical developments. Generating awareness and gathering public support regarding specific aspects of business for overall business development.

  • Analysis of legislation: Helping policy makers, foreign investors, trade and industry. Platform to interact and gain professional knowledge through seminars, workshops and round table meetings.

  • Awards: Felicitating outstanding performers on a global platform for their remarkable achievements in India and abroad.

  • Training programmes: Organising Management training, skill development workshops, open house seminars.

  • B to B meetings: Arranging interaction between business delegation from India and foreign chambers of commerce, in India as well as overseas. Organising trade exhibitions at national international level.

  • Research: Product research services, market research services, need based surveys on diversified topics.

  • Branding of the Companies: Helping companies to attract more customers by strengthening their brand image through visual communication services.

  • Social media: Assisting companies in promoting their services and products online 24×7 through various social media channels, like facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube.

  • Mini Management courses: Cutting long stories short. Organising flexi-time short-term management courses for working executives.

  • Corporate Governance: Helping organisations in strategising their investments in a systematic manner.

  • Strategic Alliance: Promoting Indian products and services on global platform through collaboration with foreign investors.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR” highlighting the CSR initiative of Corporate, Govt. agencies, NGOs etc. through seminars, workshops, publications and social media.


The Forum promotes, encourages and gives recognition to the members of the forum for excellent performance in their respective fields, through the coveted Indian Achievers Awards and Global Achievers Awards at National and International platforms.

This award is given to the individuals, organisations and business people who brings glory for India through their outstanding achievement.  The process of nomination is simple, but the process of selection for the award is rigorous wherein their credentials and achievement details are thoroughly studied and scrutinized.  Once selected for the Award in their respective field, the award winner also given privileged benefits such as:

  • The Winning Trophy & Appreciation Certificate.
  • Half page write-up in Achievers’ World magazine – Digital Edition.
  • Right to use Indian Achievers’ Award Logo for their branding and PR activities.
  • Social media promotion of their achievement through our channels.
  • Digital copies of CSR Times magazine.
  • Recommendation of their name for other prestigious National/International Awards.
  • Referral in Govt Depts. & Ministries for any MSME or Startup issues.


The registration charges are to take care of the administrative costs of organising such events, award functions, publicity of award winners through our own channels, etc. The cost of registration for the forthcoming Indian Achievers’ Awards 2020 (Virtual Event) is as under as on 01-July-2020 :

Type of participation/Cost (INR):

SILVER : 10,000 + 18% GST GOLD : 20,000 + 18% GST PLATINUM : 50,000 + 18% GST

The registration fees are only charged once the nomination has been scrutinized and found suitable for the Award.

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