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Mr. Ankur Ghosh

Mr. Ankur Ghosh

Achiever's Success Story

Ankur Ghosh: Navigating the Skies to Financial Success as Founder & CEO of SSV Capital Ltd

Ankur Ghosh’s incredible journey from a pilot to the helm of SSV Capital Ltd is a testament to his adaptability and unwavering commitment to innovation. With a family legacy in banking, Ankur’s unique background provided him with unparalleled insight into the financial services industry. His passion for banking and a keen eye for the digital revolution led him to establish SSV Capital Ltd in 2020.

At the heart of SSV Capital’s mission is sustainability, embodied by Ankur’s dedication to the ‘three Ps’: people, planet, and prosperity. The company operates across three distinct verticals: SSV SmartPay (fintech and banking), SSV Real Estate (prop-tech), and SSV Funds (sustainable fintech and prop-tech sectors). Ankur’s immediate focus is on fintech and ‘prop-tech,’ where innovative solutions aim to reduce transaction fees and enhance sustainability.


SSV Capital Ltd: Building a better tomorrow


Founded by Ankur Ghosh in 2020, SSV Capital Ltd swiftly emerged as a pioneer in disruptive technologies, particularly in fintech and ‘prop-tech’ investments. The company’s commitment to sustainability and its emphasis on the ‘three Ps’ distinguish it in the financial industry.


SSV Capital operates across three key verticals: SSV SmartPay (fintech and banking), SSV Real Estate (prop-tech), and SSV Funds (sustainable fintech and prop-tech sectors). The company’s immediate priorities lie in fintech and ‘prop-tech,’ with innovative solutions designed to democratize investments, mitigate risks, and boost earning potential for investors.


A standout innovation is SSV SmartPay, set to revolutionize payment technology by leveraging Open Banking to bypass traditional payment processing fees. Utilizing QR codes, SmartPay not only reduces transaction costs but also fosters sustainability by reducing the reliance on electronic equipment.


As SSV Capital Ltd continues to innovate, it stands as a beacon of equitable financial solutions with a strong commitment to sustainability. Ankur Ghosh’s leadership ensures the company’s mission extends beyond profits, contributing positively to society and the environment, and striving to build a better, more sustainable tomorrow for all.


Expanding Horizons with Strategic Investments


Ankur Ghosh of SSV Capital Ltd headquartered in Canary Wharf London revealed their intention to open new markets in the United States, Australia, and India. In a bold move to capitalize on the digital revolution, the company has committed a substantial investment of 100 crore INR in both neobanking payment platforms and commercial properties in India. This strategic decision aims to harness the growing popularity of neobanks and their disruptive fintech services, further solidifying SSV Capital Ltd’s position as a leader in shaping the future of finance.

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