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Deep Manohar Doley

: IIT Guwahati – Engineering Physics(OIL India Super 30 – Jorhat, 2013-14)

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My name is Deep Manohar Doley and I come from Silapathar, a small village in the district of Dhemaji in Assam. My village is situated near the beautiful banks of the Brahmaputra River. My native place is blessed with scenic beauty, but it has to pay a price every now and then. Though Assam may grab many headlines for numerous reasons, the biggest misfortune, I feel, is the frequent floods it is ravaged with. The floods scenario further forces many children to stay away from school, as most of the schools and other education facilities get washed away. Students in Assam have always an extended summer vacation because of the floods. I have been witnessing this scenario for last few years. But these are natural calamities and you are bound to be impacted by them in one or the other way.
Apart from the floods in Assam, my childhood witnessed many other challenges. We are a family of 6 and my father was the sole bread and butter earner for the family. I have closely observed how hard it was for my father to bear the expenses for all of us, yet my family is a modern family. Since my childhood it was my dream to become an engineer. I was a fairly good student in academics. With the passage of time, I developed a passion and love for Science & Mathematics and gradually both became my favourite subjects. As my interest further intensified with time, I thought to explore ways and means to further enhance my learning and mastery over the subjects. Therefore, I started to participate in various Science competitions and exhibitions. I cleared my matriculation with good grades and decided to opt for Science stream in my 11th & 12th. While persuing my education there at Cotton College, I learned from someone about IITs. My childhood dream clearly saw a platform, but having a dream is one thing while having resources for it is all together different. Among resources, I thought having a good faculty to teach and guide you is most imperative, as making it to cracking IIT/JEE is not that easy.
After my 12th, I appeared in JEE prelims, but found myself far behind the course and what was required. After my first attempt at JEE, it was very clear in my mind that learning the basics at college is not the only thing which could help one crack it. On the other hand, with 3 siblings and coming from a middle class family, I could not even think of having a private coaching in the wildest of my dreams. This was precisely the time when I got to know about the concept of Abahyanand Super 30. I studied to my heart’s content in order to prepare for it and to my surprise, I was the lucky one to make it to OIL India Super 30. It came as a blessing in disguise for me and there on, my confidence to do something great started sprouting within me. Here I took a resolve in my heart to make it to IIT at any cost no matter what. There were times in life when I would think that IIT/JEE is not my cup of tea, yet my interest in Mathematics and resolve kept me going. I would study hard for long hours. I didn’t spend my time pontificating about high-concepts; rather I spent my time solving engineering problems. The training at Super 30 taught me the expertise on how to solve difficult problems and that too within a short span of time. The best guidance from the faculty members combined with the rigorous hard work at OIL India Super 30 helped me prepare for the real battle – IIT. Finally, the decisive day arrived and I could not believe my own potential that it was I who had made it to IIT Guwahati. It was the happiest moment of my life. I would never ever forget this day in my entire life.
I also feel that the 10 months life I lived at OIL India Super 30 was the biggest and greatest blessing of my life. What I learnt at OIL India Super 30 is that any stone can be turned diamond if one knows the skill how to polish it. I consider those 10 months spent at Super 30 as the most cherished and precocious period of my life.
I would like to extend my gratitude to Bhushan Sir, Sukanya Madam, SK Shahi, CSRL & OIL India for making me capable enough and providing me a platform and resources to transform my life. It would not have been possible without them. I would also like to thank my parents to provide me everything possible in their reach and control.
Now I am shaping my life for a new battle at IIT Guwahati here. The days spent at Super 30 will always remain close to my heart and I want to extend a special thanks to Abayanand Sir who made my dreams come true.Open publish panel

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