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Ayyapadas Chandrasekhar, Director, Cliniqally Healthtech Pvt. Ltd.

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Cliniqally - Designed for Doctors to Supercharge their Superpowers

During the COVID-19 crisis, when most of the OPDs were shut, both patients and doctors need an alternative and safe way to engage with each other. But with the passing of time, the need for a one-stop solution to consult with doctors, transfer payments, and receive appropriate healthcare advice to create a safe healthcare environment has become more prevalent. Being a healthcare specialist is a demanding yet gratifying profession. But, the stress and strain of the profession and excessive working hours often take a toll on them. Doctors are often able to spend 2-3 minutes serving a patient. In such a case, if he or she doesn’t have all the information, their thinking might get compromised. So, what can they do to help them make better decisions during the few minutes they have with a patient?

Necessitating the digital presence, doctors have had to manage offline operations, besides being available on aggregator platforms for teleconsultations, which have limited slots available during the day. In most cases, offline management including seeking clarifications, or appointments is managed through personal chats and calls.

In India, doctors come with the traditional notion that software is tough. They often feel that the prescription which they can write in two minutes will take five minutes using the software as they are not tech-savvy. So, if you can’t get a doctor to use software, which can give instructions to him from time to time, there is very little that they can do in terms of driving health outcomes.  In such a scenario, the solution was going digital.

At Cliniqally they help doctors to serve patients more efficiently in a limited time by offering a user-friendly technology for doctors and medical practitioners to manage their entire practice lifecycle online and offline. It is a complete digital manifestation of a local clinic, where doctors can create their virtual clinic in minutes and start taking in patients. They use a dashboard to manage their operations, boost efficiency, and have an improved work-life balance. From getting reminders, managing appointments and records of patients, managing staff, and expenses, checking revenue, generating prescriptions, and follow-ups, and improving patient retention, and simplifying clinic operations all can be done via a single app. In fact, with Cliniqally, medical practitioners can create their websites and market their brands on social media platforms. For the patient, it enables interaction with doctors through short links or apps.

With Cliniqally, doctors can enjoy improved efficiency and have a better work-life balance. Patient retention is bound to increase by 60%, revenue by 20%, and repeat consultations by 25%. Our all-in-one practice management tool helps doctors to digitize their practice and provide a single platform to manage their staff and clinic effectively.

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