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Ar. Arshleen Kaur Sahni

Ar. Arshleen Kaur Sahni

Achiever's Success Story

Unlocking the Cosmic Mysteries, Ar. Arshleen Kaur Sahni's journey in Space Architecture

Ar. Arshleen Kaur Sahni, a luminary in the realm of space architecture and the Co-founder of the pioneering research design lab, Ancient Technologies, stands as a beacon in the exploration of cosmic architecture. With a string of global accolades adorning her career, Sahni’s venture, Ancient Technologies, is at the forefront of delving into ancient history and technologies to unravel the very essence of human existence.

Distinguished by its innovative approach, Ancient Technologies is dedicated to transcending traditional notions of architecture by bridging the gap between architectural design and cosmic energies. It represents a groundbreaking endeavor to forge a profound link between the past and the future, unveiling the secrets enshrined within ancient architectural marvels.

Sahni’s influence extends beyond the confines of her lab; she has graced the TEDx stage as a speaker and mentored India’s first Lunar Analog Expedition, recreating the lunar environment in Dholavira. As a globally acclaimed space architect, she pioneers the design of habitation systems for celestial bodies like the Moon and Mars, charting the course for the future of humanity’s expansion into space.

Her expertise has found resonance in numerous educational institutions, where she shares her insights as a guest speaker, igniting the minds of aspiring architects with the possibilities of cosmic architecture. Sahni’s unwavering passion for exploring new frontiers, coupled with her profound understanding of cosmic energies and cymatics, keeps her perpetually at the vanguard of this nascent discipline.

In the cosmic symphony of architecture, Ar. Arshleen Kaur Sahni orchestrates a melody of innovation and exploration, unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos to redefine the very fabric of human habitation.

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