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Mr. Ravi Jagadish

Mr. Ravi Jagadish

Achiever's Success Story

Impactful Role in FinTech Data Management and Security

With over 19 years of rich industry experience, Mr. Ravi Jagadish has established himself as a Data Engineering Manager at a Fortune 500 Company in the FinTech Industry based in Virginia, USA. Renowned for his result-oriented approach, he has built and managed enterprise-level applications and solutions across various domains, including Banking, Medical Devices, and Peripheral device sectors. His career journey has seen him transition from roles such as Quality Analyst and Business Analyst to Team Lead, Test Lead, and now, as a People Manager.

In every role, his focus has been on fostering agile, high-performance teams dedicated to aligning business priorities with customer satisfaction while adhering to strict SLAs and compliance frameworks. At the forefront of Site Reliability Engineering for mobile and web banking applications, he led a dynamic team ensuring the seamless operation of platforms used by approximately 40 million users monthly. His leadership focused on user-centric solutions and continuous system optimization, contributing to the resilience and performance of both mobile and web platforms and empowering engineers to maintain high operational standards. This commitment resulted in achieving platinum resiliency for the platforms, with a robust 15-minute recovery time objective (RTO), far surpassing enterprise SLA standards through rigorous performance monitoring, adept incident response, and strategic cybersecurity partnerships.

In the realm of Vulnerability Management, he has been a cornerstone, overseeing the security aspects of Mobile Banking Platforms hosted in the AWS Cloud. His role extended beyond mere oversight; he was instrumental in orchestrating a comprehensive cybersecurity initiative aimed at preemptively identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities. This initiative enhanced system security, data protection, and compliance through diligent management of cloud controls, including S3 Bucket Policies, Security Group rules, EC2 instances, and Lambda functions. His strategic approach ensured that the Mobile and Web platforms consistently exceeded enterprise service level agreement standards, reflecting a robust vulnerability management framework.

His expertise was particularly evident in his handling of Static Code Analysis and Static Application Security Testing vulnerabilities. He implemented a proactive strategy for regular patching of containers to mitigate risks effectively. His vigilant management of the cloud environment, coupled with a keen focus on Identity and Access Management (IAM), fortified the security infrastructure against potential breaches. By refining IAM roles and permissions, he ensured a granular access control that aligned with the enterprise’s stringent security protocols. His commitment to security excellence was further demonstrated by his ability to lead and adapt in a dynamic cybersecurity landscape, ensuring that high security and compliance standards were consistently maintained, thereby safeguarding the integrity and trustworthiness of the banking platforms.

He also led the development and deployment of the Customer Activity Logging application, enhancing the company’s responsiveness to customer issues by 60%, and successfully migrated the Customer Audit logging application to the AWS cloud, showcasing strategic foresight and cost efficiency. His data management skills were highlighted through the implementation of the Enterprise Data Lake initiative, streamlining the company’s data management procedures, and earning multiple Spot Awards for contributions to the project. Furthermore, Jagadish’s leadership extended to crafting a user-friendly Wiki Interface, improving the efficiency of the Level 2 Support team, and establishing a top-performing Level 2 Support Engineering team, showcasing his commitment to talent cultivation and continual progress.

His efforts in cloud cost optimization led to a significant reduction in costs, and his active participation in talent acquisition and hackathons underscores his dedication to the industry’s advancement. His dedication to operational excellence and improvement has been consistently recognized with several Spot Awards, celebrating his impactful contributions across various aspects of his professional journey.

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