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Mr. Prasanna Vasudevan

Mr. Prasanna Vasudevan

Achiever's Success Story

Prasanna Vasudevan

Mr. Prasanna Vasudevan emerges not only as a student but as an ever-learning individual who has become a transformative force in the lives of nearly 100 thousand corporate executives. His commitment to facilitation, coaching, and mentoring services has positioned him as a guiding light on the professional paths of many, with the ambition to impact a Million executives over the next couple of decades.

Prasanna’s role as a success ladder coach is particularly noteworthy. By envisioning himself in this capacity, he aims to play a crucial role in enabling the growth of responsible leaders among future corporate executives across India. This perspective reflects a holistic approach to leadership development, emphasizing not only professional success but also the cultivation of qualities that contribute to responsible and ethical leadership.

The scale of his impact, reaching tens of thousands of corporate executives, underscores the breadth and depth of Prasanna’s influence. His dedication to continuous learning and the betterment of others positions him as a key player in the landscape of corporate education and mentorship.

As Prasanna continues on his journey as an ever-learning student, his commitment to being a guiding light and success ladder coach signals a long-term vision for shaping the future leadership landscape in India. His focus on responsible leadership suggests a keen understanding of the broader societal impact that effective leadership can have, making him a valuable contributor to the development of not just executives but responsible and forward-thinking leaders.

Prasanna’s career journey is indeed impressive, showcasing a diverse and impactful professional trajectory. His transition from top Fortune 100 companies in FMCG and the Automotive Oil Industry in India to the Learning and Development Industry reflects a strategic move towards making a significant difference in the corporate landscape.

With over a decade of experience across various industries, Prasanna’s foray into Learning and Development allowed him to create meaningful interventions spanning 15 different industries over the last two decades. His engagement with executives at all levels, from grassroots to Global CXOs, demonstrates the breadth of his influence and the depth of his expertise in leadership development.

Prasanna’s standout quality lies in his ability to identify solutions to challenges faced by leadership teams in blue-chip companies. This capability has positioned him as a thought leader and made him one of the most sought-after sales and leadership coaches in India. His focus on creating meaningful and impactful interventions sets him apart, contributing to the professional growth of individuals and the success of organizations.

As the founder of Bow and Arrow Learning, Prasanna exhibits a laser-sharp focus on building the right tools to develop the right skills. His commitment to adding value to clients by co-creating innovative solutions in the realm of learning and development is a testament to his dedication to driving positive change.

Beyond his role as a consultant, Prasanna is also a speaker and a visiting faculty at a top business school in Mumbai. This additional role underscores his commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise, contributing not only to corporate development but also to the education and growth of future business leaders.

Described as a man of mettle, grit, determination, and a symbol of optimism, Prasanna appears to embody the qualities necessary to navigate and positively influence the corporate world. Shouldering the hopes of many business conglomerates, his vision for shaping a better corporate India reflects a commitment to progress and success for both individuals and the broader business community.

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