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Mr. Kaushik Apoori

Mr. Kaushik Apoori

Achiever's Success Story


Mr. Kaushik Apoori, the founder  and  CEO  of  Zone  for  Augmented  Reality  Creations, embodies the credo “Express Explore  Enhance”  (Z.A.R.C) and  it  is  what  he  also  explained  to his organisation. He was a seasoned entrepreneur  with  a track  record  in  business  management and operational planning. Dedicated, diligent, and resourceful leader eager to  take on new responsibilities at work with drive and skill is what defines him.

Since he was a young boy, Mr. Kaushik has wanted to construct his own  identity.  His  road  towards exposure and leadership began when he was made a captain in school, which has an amazing incident. When he was young,  his  senior  served  as  his  captain,  and  he  participated  in the marching as a volunteer. The pride of captaining the house,  Kaushik  pleaded  his  senior  to allow him capture the flag out of nervousness and excitement, but  he  refused.  That  is  when he made the decision to forge his own path and build a business around  his  labour  of  love.  His method of analysis is effective, he has a unique manner of accomplishing goals,  and  he  thinks beyond the box.

He felt as like he had been cast into a new universe when he decided to pursue a B.Tech in Electronics  and  Communication  Engineering.  He   thought   that   his   exposure   would   be confined after he realised that there are many talented people in the group and the race he is participating in. However, he just  considered  what  he  must  do  and  would  do.  His  life  and career were impacted by a hackathon he participated in for fourteen days. He entered  the hackathon without adequate direction  or  technical  equipment,  and  he  didn’t  have  a  laptop either. Despite these obstacles, he managed to prevail alone after many  sleepless  hours  spent fighting with other team members. He won the hackathon’s Inspire Award and  received  1324 dollars to help him move on. It was  at  that  point  that  his  dream and  Z.A.R.C. were born.  He held the view that doing it alone isn’t the only option; we should also  take and  join hands  with others.  He  so  carefully  selected  a  team  of  like-minded   individuals   and  effectively  managed his business in  the  face  of  several  obstacles.  However,  he  supported  and  inspired  his  squad the entire way as a team leader.  After  his  name  gained  some  recognition  and  exposure  in college, he made the decision to spread  it,  and  he  later  joined  T-Hub  through  an  internship where he oversaw the internship’s activities while also working to  frame  his  organisation  by engaging with  other  corporations..  His  team  was  always  there  for  him,  in  every  manner.  That is what happened when he made the decision to send his team to T-hub in order to present his proposal to investors. At that point, Mr. Kaushik’s name began to spread in a variety of ways.

He began creating his brand as a mentor, team member, team leader, and  jury member,  all of which helped him become an entrepreneur.

He was a

  1. Founder,CEO ofA.R.C
  2. Project and Innovation Lead IEEE VBIT-SB 2022
  3. Director of Marketing – VBIT MUN 2022
  4. NASSCOM Research Intern And many more off the records


After the pandemic, Kaushik hasn’t even  gone  to  one  class  in  his  B.Tech.  Programme,  but  he still had a good grade and haven’t had any failures.  As  a  result,  the  college  administration  supports him in all of his endeavours, and he keeps his promise.  He  began  building  his  own empire and working on  tasks  with  his  team  members.  He  made  one  adjustment,  which  was that we must wait for an opportunity that will arrive. Kaushik occasionally  had  to  make introductions to others who had ignored  him  even  after  he  made  such  accomplishments  and  made way to many students, but he hadn’t stopped and was of  the  mindset  that  one  should  always be starting something new. He helped several of his juniors by giving them the  finest exposure and opportunities. With the assistance of several incubation centres and innovation ecosystems, he and his team organised the largest  Hackathon  under  his  company,  which  gave them greater visibility and a stronger sense of identity. He merely thought that even  when  you helped someone or got them into a wonderful situation, they might not feel grateful to you even though you know what you accomplished. He  hasn’t  stopped  yet  and  is  continuing  to solidly build his empire so that no one can topple it. The  essential  role  played  by  Kaushik’s parents, particularly his father Mr. Rammohan Apoori, in shaping his career. We can say that Kaushik has accomplished what he had  envisioned  as  a  youngster  and  wanted  to  develop  further and more since he was asked to several events as a guest, mentor, investor,  and  jury member. He has made the decision  to   pursue  his  master’s  degree  and  is  moving  in  that direction. At first, nobody knew Kaushik, but today  he  has  received  the  Indian  Achievers Forum’s Entrepreneur of the Year  Award  for  2022.  His  adventure  is  still  on-going,  and  he  is still on his road to producing more miracles.

He exclusively holds to one belief. Opportunities won’t come to you;  instead,  you need to pave the road for them and take advantage of them when they do.

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