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      Rtn. PHF. Prof. N. Punniamurthy‘s 

Achiever's Success Story

A pioneer in veterinary herbal medicine and a translational scientist -The concept of Ethno- veterinary Medicine (EVM) is unique and supports Global One Health Initiative

Rtn.PHF. Prof. N. Punniamurthy‘s  work is unique ; first of its kind with clinical success. He has been involved in documentation, validation, research and extension activities of traditional knowledge based herbal medicine since 2002. The important  attributes  of clinically effective functional  herbal remedies  was well  envisaged   by  Dr..Punniamurthy  from the start, which  now augurs well with the global   concept of Antimicrobial résistance (AMR)  and drug-residue reduction in  foods of animal  origin..  The successful  dissemination   of EVM in the clinical setting  under rural field conditions  involving,  the small /marginal  farmers,  mostly  women was the driving force behind his venture in  a stand-alone mode.,.

The traditional   knowledge  based  herbal medicine  obviates the  use of antimicrobial  compounds  in   livestock/poultry  production  and health.  The local herbs have paved the way for clean milk, meat and egg production. The effects are measurable by the very basic  tenets  of  modern   science   such    as  repeatability,   reproducibility   through   subjective   and objective  assessment   of  relevant   parameters.   His research  publications   would vouch for that.  This  antibiotic-residue free  milk production effort has now spread over to 30 milk-unions in 14 states all over India covering  millions  of dairy  animals through  Animal health Group of NDDB, India. The programme  mooted  by Prof Punniamurthy is officially recommended  by the government  departments of Animal husbandry  of Tamil  Nadu,  Kerala,  Sikkim and  Haryana.  And  more training programmes on EVM for vets are to happen soon within the country and outside India . EVM will soon be part of Veterinary curriculum. Since 2010  the  Indian scenario is  influenced by Dr. N. Punniamurthy  as a  one man army against the misuse of antimicrobials.  This   led to  lndo-Dutch -African  initiative  to  reduce antibiotic-residues  in milk  through EVM. The organizations which  disseminate his model of   traditional siddha  based herbal veterinary health care include TANUVAS, TDU, NDDB. BAIF, DST, NLF international and its partners.  On a day to day basis, the  herbal recipes of Dr.Punniamurthy  are used for the  health and welfare of  hundreds  of thousands of dairy animals across India and other countries wherever he is involved . 

In 2010 Jan (4th to 6th)  he organized an International Conference and workshop with the theme on  “Mainstreaming Traditional wisdom on livestock keeping and herbal medicine for sustainable rural livelihood” in association with FRLHT, Bangalore, Tamil University, Saraswati Mahal Library and South Zone Cultural Centre, Thanjavur. 

In the light   of the  above  facts he has contributed  substantially  to the  animal welfare through  his innovative   EVM approach  and also continue to work actively  across  the world now;  He is a veterinarian  excelling in protecting animal  health   and welfare  with long  term  implications globally. He has founded GLOHMSIWA Res Labs Private limited  and currently its Managing Director and co-founded Yourfarm Agri Tech a start-up  and a  digital platform for telemedicine with end to end solutions for livestock health care,  a first of its kind globally.

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