Ms. Sowmya Iyer

Achiever's Success Story

“Ms. Sowmya Iyer, Founder & CEO, CLarity Communication”

Ms. Sowmya Iyer is the Founder and CEO of Clarity Communication, a new age PR & communication advisory firm aiming to provide customized PR services & help clients in brand building across multiple industries. In her entire experience, Sowmya saw a perennial gap on what was promised & what was being delivered to the clients. When she established Clarity PR, She tried to bridge this gap thus understanding the requirements of the clients vis-a-vis deliverables.

With more than 20 years of PR experience, Ms. Sowmya has contributed lucratively to her wide range of clientele in an environment that thrives on stiff competition. Her relentless pursuit of excellence in producing work has successfully resulted in maintaining long term relationships with the clients.

In the twelfth standard, she decided to major in Arts and when nobody was expecting anything from me; she stumped everyone- family, teachers at school by doing exceptionally well in my board exams. She stood first and my name is etched in the achiever’s board even today! She got entrance into Miranda house due to her good performance in school and she was exposed to the elitist crowd of Delhi University overnight. She struggled to adjust herself well to the changing environment and my personality started to take shape only then.

She was a drifter for the most part and dabbled in various jobs such as selling credit cards to individuals, working with Child relief and you for a brief period of time before she meandered into the public relations world. This happened by chance when she happened to meet one of her neighbors in Bangalore in a busy market. She was running a PR agency and offered me a job which the latter instantly took since she was looking for one then. Since then there has been no looking back.

She moved from one PR agency to the other climbing the corporate ladder which helped her understand the nuts and bolts of the business really well. It also exposed her to the elements that needed improvement in order to satisfy the end customer.

She thought that she was squandering away her potential and decided to take the plunge one fine day to start working as a freelancer.

She chose entrepreneurship because she had a vision for herself and after having being exposed to the world of the Public relation, she was aware of the gaps that this business had. She wanted to bridge these gaps and wanted to make a significant impact. It was a difficult decision to make considering the fact that she did not have any support whatsoever. In her family, there is not a single soul who has tread this territory and others who have failed miserably at it.

There was absolutely no reference point or anyone to look up to. She had to start literally from scratch- financially and mentally. People she spoke to at the time dissuaded her from taking this step and nobody had an encouraging word. Her undying spirit was in no mood to listen to the naysayers and she decided to hear her inner voice. She took a plunge just like that only because she had immense belief in herself, was willing to take a risk.

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