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Ms. Rakhi Shah

Achiever's Success Story

Founder & CEO Purple Tulip

Purple Tulip – “Every Celebration has a Story” is founded with the vision to capture real stories behind every celebration, which makes it their tagline as well. They acknowledge and understand how each form of celebration  is a very meaningful gamut of human emotion and joy. Purple Tulip’s aim is partnering with you to give life to the journey that becomes your reason to celebrate. They will design, create and capture every moment of your happiness in a single shot and present your ownstory.

With 3000 varieties of tulips, purple ones represent royalty, passion, strength and love. It’s a glorious and a perfectly symmetrical flower which signals the arrival of spring.  With the onset of a cool-relaxed atmosphere, it leads to a heart full of happiness. They are here to commit their time to create and build your vision and ensure that you bloom happily like the wondrous flower – Purple Tulip. That is the essence of their dedication to be the designer of your celebrations!

These are tenets upon which members of Purple Tulip operate and help design every celebratory story. We feel confident in Purple Tulip’s footing to help you drive your celebration.

With over 10+ years of experience,  Purple Tulip’s founding team strives to create that perfect journey, by conceptualizing  every event in a story format. Purple Tulip  seeks to discover every reason to celebrate the variety of human experiences and is dedicated to impacting   the  industry with a culture of fostering innovative approaches  of   ideation  and  execution, and exchanging positive warmth-filled  memories.

“Establishing trust and loyalty, designing out-of-the-ordinary events, generating amusing and alluring experiences, creating remarkable and noteworthy memories that reward a lasting memento forever to our customers” is   their  aim.

The 10 things they believe to be true are:

  • Every single event is unique and special.
  • Focusing on our client’s vision makes the event extraordinary.
  • Creating exclusive events tailored to our client’s specific requirements.
  • Ensuring flawless designing, planning and implementation of events
  • Giving you and your guests a complete and fulfilling VIP experience.
  • Exuding originality, charisma and high aesthetics in our work style.
  • Embracing culture and background in every aspect.
  • Creating timeless elegance &honour in every project with meticulous attention.
  • Being passionate in making the event a successful one.
  • Never deviating from portraying our client’s identity.

Purple  Tulip  is    a  one  stop  solution  for  any  kind  of   event. They have  a  very  experienced  and  professional  core  team  who  can  handle  any  scale  of   event. They   provide  all  solutions   to  any  client  who   is   planning  to   hire  a   professional  event  design  and   management  company.

Rakhi  Shah,  Founder  &  CEO , started   Purple  Tulip  in  the  midst  of the  pandemic   which   must  have   been   filled   with  several challenges  of   opening   a   new  venture  in  a  sensitive  period, wherein  the   existing   entities  in  the   market  were  having  a  tough time  to   strive. This  displays  a  level  of   grit   and   compassion towards  the   company’s  vision, wherein  they  also  aim   to   expand their  network  and  collaborate  with  the   existing  players  in  the market.  One  of   their  key  USPs   is  the  unique  ingrained  experience  that  they  provide  to  clients   which   stitches  their  stories in   their   celebrations.

Highlights of our Services:

  • Wedding Design &Management
  • Destination Wedding &Management
  • Corporate Events
  • Celebrity & Artist Management
  • Exclusive Catering &Design
  • Religious Events
  • PhotoShoots
  • Parties

They  plan  to  establish as a professional event design and management   company  in  Tamil  Nadu. They  have  a  focus to capture the markets in Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Madurai, Tirupur, Tirchi and others, whilst parallely exploring expansion in other geographies. They   have   studied  and  researched  the   event  industry  in  these  regions  and  found that there is a wide gap to address in terms of experiences. With a pan-India reach in their networks  and  vendors, they  are  well   positioned  to  provide  end-to-end  solutions  to  any  client  in   the   country.

With  the   expertise   to  ensure  that  each  detail  is  planned  to perfection; they   conjure   a  wondrously  collaborative  magic  to create a  singular, exceptional   experience. You  can  have  them  on  your  ship   to  sail  through   your  perfect  dream  celebration  with captivating instances  and   amazing   effortless   journey  throughout.

We  have  been  making  our  constant   presence  through  social  media marketing and trying to reach maximum audiences through different  channels.  All  our  social  media  links  are  there  at  our website www.purpletulip.co.in. Please visit and write to us.

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