Ms. Nidhi Rana & Mr. Shashi Kumar

Achiever's Success Story

“Ms. Nidhi Rana & Mr. Shashi Kumar, Founders of Be In Nature”

Be In Nature Consultancy Private Limited always has clarity in terms of the change they want to bring in the Society. They create value to their customers by providing sustainable solution to elevate their health, eco-awakening, educating consumer to make a responsible choice and by bringing certainty in uncertain world through their product “Just Breathe Air Purifiers”.

Be In Nature vision to reconnect Human with NATURE  and to elevate health of one million lives with healthier and purified Indoor Air by 2022.

We Realized basic necessity of Human that is Breathing has become so difficult. Quality of water can be judged by look of it , however it cannot happen with Air And Hence, Air Quality and its importance has taken a back seat rather, the last one.

Air Conditioning disease and Air Borne disease such as headache, nausea, dry skin, sore throat, skin rashes, asthma, seasonal allergies, respiratory illness, and various other Viral and bacterial diseases transmission are the result for Poor Indoor Air Quality and cost of being Ignorant towards this aspect.

In India itself 1.7 million people died due to Air Pollution in 2019. As many as 84% of Indians LIVE IN AREAS THAT EXCEED THE COUNTRY’ OWN AIR QUALITY STANDARD. Additional shocking insight that “Indoor air can be anywhere from 7 times to 10 times as polluted as outdoor air”

And that’s’ triggers our thought process and became the stepping stone of formation of “Be In Nature”

Be In Nature Journey began with a persistent determination to make the solution Natural and Sustainable.

When plastic was invented, it was claimed to be the next biggest invention after the wheel. And now it is one of the biggest cause of harm to this planet we live in! What we have learnt and what every entrepreneur and enterprise should learn is that whenever you create something, keep the bigger picture in mind. If your products are not sustainable, they are going to do more harm than benefit.

Our solutions have gone through many layers of research and we keep sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We have always known the benefits of being in nature.

Be In Nature Air Purifying Solution “Just Breathe “ is India’ Patented Air Purifying Solution which is “Perfected by Nature”  to enhance the Indoor Air Quality and provide you with healthy and purified Indoor Air.

This innovated Product of India makes the most of the latest technology and works as an environment-friendly solution to purify the air. The Just Breathe station comes with natively grown plants that uses phytoremediation properties which eliminates contaminants in Air, soil or water. An unique combination of substrate is used to trap nitrogen impurities which expels bacteria, viruses and odour. Equipped with UV-C light to achieve unmatched microbial reduction without producing any harmful ozone.

Just Breathe Air purifier a product with Life It’s about having something near you that’ alive , that you caring for, that bring you a sense of accomplishment and gratitude.

& what it needs in return is just extra Love from you!!!

The plants on the Just Breathe station come with a self-watering system and a unique lighting system that keeps the plants in pristine condition, adding to your home and offices appeal  significantly along with benefits of boosting creativity, reduced stress, positive energy and help people feel secure and relaxed

Adhering to what can be monitored that can be managed, considering the same data driven approach has been followed for pollutants, relative humidity, temperature digital, Analog display system along with voice prompts as indicator. Helps tomake your indoor healthier with every passing Day, without using any plastic or fibreglass HEPA FILTERS and Saving the Mother Nature from the further degradation because of  plastic disposal turning into landfills and toxic trash heaps  and periodic replacement of most conventional air purifiers filters, adds to the carbon footprint too.

Till date we helped 1200+ lives to breathe healthy through Our “Just Breathe Air Purifier” in offices, schools, hospital and hundreds of homes in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai  and Delhi & NCR. Be In Nature has product range to cater both commercial (offices, hospitals, hotels, etc.) and residential spaces with Just Breathe Station  and Baby Lite (Homes, cabins, etc.)  respectively.

Shashi with 18 years of  expertise in supply chain  and equipped with great insight on paradigm shift  and changing trends towards employee/ end users wellness across sectors .

Nidhi Assimilating 14+years of professional experience in Corporate Real Estate, Business Consultancy  and Government Advisory it spans across Client Development, Transformation, and Solutions Development. True Believer of, through your toughest moment comes your greatest Power, as personally her experience of seeing the pain  of grand-mother going through asthma a for 15 years due to seasonal allergies and kid going  through painful respiratory illness phase during city relocation.


And to be inspiration to  young Generation and minds of India that transform intention into action.

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