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Mrs. Seema Gupta

Achiever's Success Story

From being an ordinary girl to finding solutions to Feminine problems, Mrs. Seema Gupta anticipates Women to lead a healthier life

‘If you see it in your mind, you will surely hold it in your hand. Faith can move mountains’, says Seema Gupta, Founder and Managing Director at ORGABLISS. She further adds, ‘That’s the power of manifestation. If you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you. This belief has made me what I am today’. Mrs. Seema was born and brought up in Punjab (India). Being the fourth one amongst five children, she says her family was always her comfort zone. Having watched her father work day and night to make his business a success, she was taught how to work hard and never give up on life. Mrs. Seema is filled with positivity and enjoys every moment blissfully. 

Since she was a child, she knew that even after a fall, it’s important to get up and try again. She has always had one motive in life -to write things worth reading and to do things worth writing. As she grew up, she followed her father’s footprints and joined the business her father started so that she could learn more of him and his principles. Soon after, Mrs. Seema was married to Mr. Ajay Gupta, also a businessman, and relocated to Dubai 14 years ago and is blessed with two beautiful children (a girl and a boy) and soon after the younger child turned 5, she had the urge of doing something on her own. She was passionate about to bring a difference in people’s lives by giving them positive hope in their lows. As a result, she started writing quotes and poems to bring happiness in human lives. Even after doing so, she felt that something was still missing and the feeling of not feeling accomplished bothered her.

Sooner, she considered joining frontline steel LLC, her husband’s (Mr. Gupta’s) business, but that too didn’t seem to be her interest. After trying her hands on a couple of other things, none of it satisfied her soul. The urge was to do something revolutionary. After a couple of years ago, she came across this atrocious truth that the root cause of many feminine problems are the sanitary pads girls have been using. The chemical contents in such pads are so harmful to the intimate area that some drastic measures were needed to be taken. She became restless thinking about the danger women are putting themselves into. Soon, she was introduced to organic sanitary napkins which was a new term for her at that point of time. She personally felt a healthy difference but was not very sure why! So, she started doing some research, met many gynecologists, and the truth shook her. She saw that these branded conventional pads were the reason why women are prone to so many health issues and vaginal diseases, starting from PCOD, PCOS, vaginal infection, to even cervical cancer. These problems were happening only because of the extensive chemicals and pollutants used in these pads.

After spending months of sleepless nights, Mrs. Seema decided to make a difference for women and the future. Hence, by putting together a team of experts and concerned individuals, she brought it to the UAE to discover a very unique kind of organic sanitary napkin. And that’s how Orgabliss was established. The sanitary napkins and pantiliners are not only 100% organic, but also uses the latest technologies to provide the utmost comfort. Secondly, the -3in1- chip in our pads works like wonders. It circulates fresh oxygen to the uterus and cleanses it thoroughly. The negative ions are made up of water molecules, which evaporate when comes in contact with water or blood. Magnetism technology boosts metabolism and keeps dizziness and bloating away. Thirdly, the Japanese sap used in our pads soaks up to 150-80 ml of liquid, following women to enjoy leakage-free comfortable days. 

Hence, after spending day and night to create something beautiful, hygienic, and beneficial for women’s health, the organization is proud to announce that they are the best sanitary pads brand in UAE. Not only are they healthy for the humankind, but also for mother nature as the pads are totally bio-degradable. “We believe every girl is worth it. This brand is giving me the opportunity to bring a difference in society. Orgabliss is meant to be a lifestyle and not just a sanitary brand” says Mrs. Seema. She has recently been awarded the most influential women of 2021 award in UAE by film fare Middle East and takes pride and complete honor to get recognized for the hard work she has been putting into making every woman’s life healthier and it keeps her motivated towards working hard and reach out to every women across the globe. Mrs. Seema envisions of a planet where every woman uses the right kind of products for their menstruation. 

“Head’s up girls, never sideline your feminine hygiene products for any reason. Make your choice for your periods, a priority because it matters”, says Mrs. Seema.

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