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Mr. Vijay Kumar Upadhyay
Deputy General Manager, Usha International Limited

Achiever's Success Story

First ever company to implement QR labels on 100% products

Since a long we were using the traditional barcode system, but they are still inefficient for mass product inventory management since it does not have the ability to store large data and lacks flexibility. With complex global manufacturing and logistics systems, QR Codes for inventory provides the capability to hold much more comprehensive information for these systems to function properly. 

Thus, Usha International Limited thought to bring QR Label technology in their company for tracking a product from end-to-end i.e total life cycle ( manufacturing to transit stoppages to consumer ) which was a complete tedious task and almost difficult in current scenario . Proudly they are the first consumer durable company to implement the QR Labels on our 100% products .

Unconventionally not only they have been successfully able to track now the end-to-end complete lifecycle of product but also this played an amazingly instrumental role in knowing about each and every movement of SKU within warehouse during replenishments . This also helped them well in identifying and picking aged products first and hence helping in maintaining FIFO .

QR Scanning is easy to use , cost effective and have minimal errors .

QR Codes occupy less space, speeding up the inventory process 

QR Codes occupy less space making it easy to track inventory . Although barcodes were used to track inventory, they do not hold the capability to hold large amounts of data. QR Codes are small in size – as small as 1 cm x 1 cm, that can be scanned to retrieve large amounts of data. Dynamic QR Codes help speed up the scanning process as they contain short URLs, ergo, fastening the inventory process to maximize efficiency. QR Codes can store large amounts of data, technically hundreds of times the information a barcode can hold. This qualifies the usage of QR Codes on product packaging since they can be tied to a variety of information, thus occupying less area on the package. Because of its quick scanning ability, QR Codes for inventory management speeds up the process of maintaining an accurate inventory. QR Codes will cut down time spent on manual data entry and enhance the accuracy of records in question.

QR Code management: Easy to scan

QR Codes are easy to scan which makes it easier to track inventory. With the current popularity of QR Codes surging, they can be read using most smartphones and devices, which makes it easier to use it as opposed to other technology solutions. QR Codes are easy to scan, even if it is slightly misaligned because QR Code scanners are powerful enough to scan them even from an angle. In addition, QR Codes can store a myriad of information such as URLs, business cards, PDFs, and even GPS coordinates. QR Codes are easy to create, track, and use because of their versatility. Employees of warehouses and storage facilities these days prefer to use smartphones for scanning to maintain inventory as they are more convenient and easier to use. 

Usha International Limited ( established in 1954 ) is a leader in Fast Moving Consumer Durables including products like Fans, Sewing Machines, Home Appliances and Power Products. It is a manufacturing, sales, and marketing organisation with pan India footprint.

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