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Mr. Umang Bothra

Co-Founder & CEO, Nexenture Private Limited

Achiever's Success Story

Building An Empire With A Steady Pace

“Ain’t everything connected in the most ineffable way? Entrepreneurship, success and the trials and tribulations that come along with it”, says Mr. Umang Bothra, the Co-Founder and CEO of Nexenture Private Limited.  Nexenture is a one stop solution that provides plethora of services, under one roof, with experts in multiple domains putting forth a sustainable business model at par with the current trends.

The success story of Nexenture being the most ‘Promising Start -up’ was not a cake walk. Nexenture has been built on the pedestals of ‘resilience’ and ‘sustainability’, which lead to its, “the ever so elusive success”, as the CEO says. The inception came in the most intriguing way, as Umang says” it all happened the night before my surgery when I was blessed with the power of identifying my niche for ‘making a choice’ that defines my life”.

The formation of ‘Nexenture’ took a lot of brainstorming, and support of his pillars of strength ; brilliant minds like Imamuddin Warsi and Pachanand Shaw, however it is worth mentioning the journey was not devoid  mental and financial setbacks ; and he realized depending on immoral people can wreak havoc , nevertheless, in the trying times of ‘Pandemic’ too , ‘Nexenture’ continued  be at its peak which was only possible with ‘ Common sense’( which for the majority is not so ‘common’ ), ‘Logic’, and ‘Presence of mind’ that helped Nexenture to find ‘Opportunities in diversities’.

Umang says the key is ‘implementation’. Hence it is his  humility along with the starkly contrasting self confidence that builds his conviction, “it is very easy to play the blame game and sue the traitor,  but very challenging to keep moving forward”, and it contributed to ‘Nexenture’ being  rewarded for its ‘Professional Achievement’ and contribution in ‘Nation building’. As the name “Nexenture” clearly fuses the words “Next” and “Future”, so Umang concludes that “This is just the beginning of their never-ending success.”

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