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Mr. Shankar Shivaprasad
Founder & Managing Director, World Business Outlook, Singapore

Achiever's Success Story

Showcasing the best and the most promising in the business world

Entrepreneurship is what defines a human from the rest of the animals and in these modern ages, from the robots. A human takes birth, educates oneself to become eligible for a certain amount of salary, earns enough to deserve a life partner and children and eventually has enough wealth to afford the medical treatments before death. However, there are some who, instead of focussing on setting up their own life, believe in setting up the lives of others. They believe in upgrading the lifestyle of not just oneself but of one and all. These are the people who believe that there is a solution to every problem in the world. 

These are the people who believe that someone, somewhere, in this whole wide world must have hatched up an idea to solve the complications we face today, simplified it and helped everyone benefit from it. Shankar Shivaprasad began World Business Outlook with this very cause. To showcase the go-getters, the innovators, the pioneers, the problem solvers, the real trend-setters of the Industries, the entrepreneurs.

After serving many years as a top executive for a corporate MNC company, Shankar had garnered the knowledge, the contacts, the team and the capital to set out on his own. Being always surrounded by success stories from some of the most eminent entrepreneurs of our time, Shankar decided to venture on the path of a media tycoon to dispel these stories across the globe. However, there was a lot of hostility in the already jam-packed, cut-throat Asian media industry. Shankar and his team, comprising his wife and former corporate colleagues managed to set up partnerships in Singapore, the land of political stability and strict adherence to intellectual property rights. Like many instances, Singapore became a springboard for World Business Outlook and the website gained quite a good amount of followers for its news coverage, blogs, feature articles and innovative promotions.

World Business Outlook has been set up to showcase to the world some of the most promising enterprises for their innovation and some of the most well-established ones for their strategies. World Business Outlook has been honouring some of the most commendable performances across the business world to inspire the budding enterprises and the prominent ones. 

Through his raw grit and unwavering support from his family and team, Shankar has been able to amass an average of 5,000 unique views every month on the World Business Outlook website, in less than a year. The magazine that adorns some of the most innovative companies and erudite opinions from the best expert minds has earned the respect of more than 20,000 subscribers.

The rising popularity of World Business Outlook has caught the attention of investors from Africa as well as Latin America. The enterprise that began with the support of some of the most eminent business persons of Asia is now attracting attention from the Americas as well. As 2021 closes, World Business Outlook has doubled its returns and is pushing new boundaries for 2022 with new talents and multiple operating bases across the world. Within a year of commencing operations, Shankar is currently in talks with some of his partners for a base in India and the UAE. What makes World Business Outlook stand out from its contemporaries is the stature it is gaining among some of the well-established media houses across the world. What began with banking and finance sectors has now expanded to education, retail, technology, hospitality and a few more sectors. World Business Outlook has already tied up for a long-term partnership with some of its clients. This Singapore-based media company is leveraging the investments, said to be almost double of its initial capital, for some aggressive expansions in the coming days.

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