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Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Achiever's Success Story

“SelectorsHub: Innovation Inspired Automation”

Mr. Sanjay Kumar is on a mission to make software testers and developers’ life easy, based in Bengaluru, India. Being a Chemical Engineer he invented incredible software like SelectorsHub & ChroPath which changed the way software engineers write code and made many impossible things possible by his innovation. He always believes in inventing and creating free products for the world and saves engineers time. His innovations are being called LifeSaver by the engineers. His innovations are not just being used as products, they are also being used as skills in resumes of engineers from companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon, etc across the globe in more than 180 countries. 

He says that there is always a lot to innovate and achieve, the only thing we have to passionately figure out the problems and then invent the solution for those. And same he proved it again with his innovation SelectorsHub. 

Where everyone was scared to lose the job in the covid year 2020, Sanjay left his job in June 2020 to help the world and follow his passion. Due to financial and medical issues, Sanjay had to leave Bengaluru but it didn’t stop him to work hard for the community. 

First, he researched and figured out all the pain points related to XPath and impossible things like verifying selectors for shadow dom, etc where automation testers were wasting huge amounts of time and effort then he immediately started working on them. 

Just in a month he invented & created an incredible software SelectorsHub single-handedly which amazed the whole world. It was like magic for the world when he launched it on July 29, 2020. 

Within a month of launch, SelectorsHub was being used by more than 5000 engineers in 100+ countries. It started appearing in resumes of engineers. Trainers from the platform like Udemy etc started using and giving training on SelectorsHub. Today it is being used by almost every software testing company in every country of the world. 

Engineers started calling it LifeSaver innovation and it became the number one XPath & selectors tool. It is the very first innovation that made it possible to verify selectors for shadow dom, attribute suggestions like smart editor, error handling, and much more. 

The best part of it, even though it is such an innovative and huge time saver tool, Sanjay keeps it absolutely FREE for the world and accepts the donation to run it and survive. He is continuously working on it and making software testers and developers life easy.

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