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Mr. Sai Vignan Malyala
Sai Vigan Mallay

Achiever's Success Story

“Humility, integrity and dedication are the 3 aspects that pave results for our actions when in right spirit.”

Sai Vignan Malyala – Head of Data Science, Block Chain Architect, Mentor, AI trainer, Consultant, Researcher, freelancer & Spiritualist. He’s currently Head of Data Science at Oorwin Labs Pvt. Ltd and was pillar in building an entire AI vertical from scratch very fast and delivering wonderful products.

His core work of Data Science revolves in NLP(Natural Language Processing, speech recognition, conversational AI, chatbot frameworks, language parsers, recommendation engines, intent detection, text generation, text mining, search capabilities etc.), Data Architecture, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Computer Vision, Deployment, Server management, Big Data, Business Analytics, etc., apart from product management, client interaction, feature engineering, analysing AI requirements having business impact based on market, team building, team management, e2e, etc,. He has contributed in multiple startups too and seen things build from scratch.

As a BlockChain Architect, he works on Distributed Ledger technology and loves to see that field grow more in India. As an ideal educator he has a great interest in sharing his love for subject of AI to the enthusiastic learners around him by writing articles, giving workshops, seminars, training programmes, video recordings, live sessions, etc,. He always wants to give perfect education & learning experience to his mentees thereby creating wonder & love for subject to the learners according to ones potential.

Enthusiasm is his wealth, Knowledge is his weapon, Humility is his defense, Love & Gratitude is his heart, Compassion is his essence! His current plans revolve around growing more on the side of entrepreneurship and social contribution.

Personally! he is a deep seeker, spiritualist, visionary, continuous learner, finding every opportunity to learn and implement things for the better. He understands that everything & everyone around has deep potential, we only need to grab & learn. His day involves reading wonderful scriptures like Bhagavad-Gita & supercharge himself to build a higher goals & better world. These spiritual books & wisdom are his strength that he relies on. He is Grateful to Indian Spiritual heritage, culture and his spiritual mentors for that!
He always aspire to be an amazing leader who can inspire others by setting the right example. Pure intentions, character and, values are the roots he want to stick to in his representation for a better world.

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