Mr. Deepak Saraf

Achiever's Success Story

“Mr. Deepak Saraf, Founder & Chairman, Saraf Corporation India Private Limited”

It is ambition and innovation that turn opportunities into success stories. Mr. Deepak Saraf knows this too well. Mumbai came to a near standstill in 2005 due to Maharashtra floods. He took the opportunity of immediate requirement for food and started his business with an order of a tiffin meal at Rs.30. The tiffin lunchbox is one of India’s most successful concepts and thus began his journey as an entrepreneur.

Earlier on, he took on challenges without the thought of failure crossing-by. He stepped in to take over a contract to provide meals for the 3000-strong workforce of industrial catering. From providing dabbas to creating his own global enterprise, Mr. Saraf has certainly had an interesting professional journey.

Sailing through the impending tides and challenging predicaments, today he heads one of the largest catering company in India serving more than 11,000 meals per day at offshore installations. This is an entrepreneur who started their journey with no capital, and no funding, yet despite the odds he was able to build massive success through persistence.

His second big contract came from ONGC. It was a lucrative contract, but the biggest obstacle was the legal requirement to be a separate legal identity. This meant that local businesses were not permitted to enter the market catering to offshore sites. Mr.Saraf built himself to be suitable to create an alliance with a renowned catering company. His years at ground catering helped him out and he partnered with Sodexo, an international facility management company.

Moving forward to 2020, clients such as ONGC, Shell, and Jindal have been Saraf Corporation’s clients for more than a decade. The company’s visionary has managed 22 installations in Bombay High as a backend Service Provider for catering and facility management services.

Saraf’s innovative abilities were stretched to the limit when the global pandemic of Coronavirus hit the economy. The pandemic has not affected the business ofSaraf Corporation adversely because of untiring continuous innovations and providing uninterrupted services. As a global company, Saraf understood that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a major threat to offshore installations and people working at such remote locations with limited medical facilities. The need to transport supplies in a cost effective manner and ensure on-time availability of manpower without compromising on the integrity of our company, was identified. For further welfare of his employees, he helped on furlough with employment. Walking on the path of empathy, he is assisting his employee’s children with education and has plans for opening a charitable trust.

Mr. Saraf believes that with more and more companies willing to go an extra mile to retain employees, providing basic amenities like good food has a boon for the catering industry. And thus is girding up to increase the capacity of the international market with technology and expansion. Apart from being the largest catering operator in the sea, Saraf Corporation is looking at operations at land with larger and small institutions.

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