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Mr. Arun Kumar Saini

Achiever's Success Story

Young Entrepreneur Arun Kumar Saini leads his team by example and experience. He believes passing on the knowledge

Arun Kumar Saini, famously known as Saini Gee or Mr. Andy and he is the founder of HND Ventures, ario Holdings and Capital Group of Companies famous in India& UAE. Arun Kumar Saini, a passionate entrepreneur, Fintech expert and educator is dedicating his life to the men and women who work hard for their jobs and yet dream of achieving financial independence someday. He wants to provide them the freedom to finance both their mission and passion in life with as few roadblocks as possible. Currently enjoying his early-acquired success between Dubai and Delhi.

A few years ago, all areas of my life came crashing down, clearly my system wasn’t working, and it led me asking myself “who in my reach has the success that I desire?” and that’s how I found my success.  By Arun Kumar Saini.

Arun Kumar Saini was born in a Middle-class family. He wanted to be an engineer and successfully cleared the entrance exam. However,he couldn’t get into the college as his father could not afford the fees.

Today, he’s a well-known Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and the Founder and Chairman of HND ventures LLC, which has diversified interests in Fintech, real estate, insurance, food, agriculture and hospitality among other things.

What can I suggest from my experience? By Arun Kumar Saini

Debt is a viable option.Debt is scary to take on, especially when your idea isn’t a sure bet, but almost everyone on this list got a loan at some point to establish early momentum. As long as you have a plan to pay it back, debt can be a valuable tool.

Invest in yourself. You need to invest in yourself before you invest in anything else, by focusing on improving your skills, education and experience. Without self-investment, you won’t be able to build a business, let alone sustain one.

Look to the future. These savvy entrepreneurs didn’t enter a market that already existed; they created new ones, or made bets on how current markets would evolve. Future-focused strategies always win out over present-focused ones.

Saini Gee (Arun Kumar Saini) advice to other aspiring young entrepreneurs is:

“Research your market and once you have the data go for it for real. Don’t get discouraged, be stubborn!”

Before starting the business, the HND ventures team conducted extensive market research for two years to create a solid foundation and started gathering   the  usable data.

After HND ventures its founding, is still up and running with full-time and part-time employees. The business is now expanding its presence across the several cities in India & UAE and goal is to expand to other countries.

ArunKumarSaini has benefited the society in more than one way. He has also managed to achieve what most of the people only think of Below listed are some of the accomplishments of this under 40. He has been named among the top under 40.

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