Mr. Aditya Patnaik

Achiever's Success Story

Aditya Patnaik, CEO, Lustral Innovations Private Limited”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s, water water everywhere and not a drop to drink struck a chord with us. With the advancements in technology and IoT, our households have become smarter than most of us. Although we have smart gadgets to make our lives easier, we still don’t have a clean-tech product that ensures the glass of water you’re drinking is pure and potable. The company’s journey began in a kitchen counter over two glasses of what purported to be RO purified water; they wanted to simplify the process. They say seeing is believing and that’s what they’ve done – with our tech, a layman can see the whole process of water purification. Lustral water has made water validation possible at a household level!

They started 3 years ago with a prototype. They now have installed the gadget in a few households and are expanding aggressively. If we talk about success, we should also talk about the constraints. Truth be told, they’ve been fortunate. They haven’t witnessed any major constraints. Of course, creating a new product comes with its own set of challenges but it’s nothing that we couldn’t handle.
Making a difference, Lustral water is an IOT based purification device connected to the Lustral mobile app which provides real-time data about the time Minerals, TDS level, PH level and the quality of filtration candles.

As soon as the filtration Quality reduces, the app automatically places an order with Lustral for a free replacement. The app can be integrated with other smart gadgets in a smart home. Water validation is not commercially available. RO purifiers and other digital water filters are currently available for domestic use. None of the players in the market have a water validation system in place. 

Mr. Patnaik’s co-founder and he have been incubated in the startup environment. They’ve been a part of the core team of a very successful startup, Medibuddy DocsApp, since its inception. They’ve literally built the idea from the ground up and we have witnessed the app cross over 5 million downloads in a span of 3 years. They were a part of the team that made world-class healthcare accessible to every nook and corner of the nation. They’re now on a mission to make clean drinking water accessible to the masses. Don’t just believe your water is clean, see it!

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