Dr. Monica B. Sood

Achiever's Success Story

“Dr. Monica B. Sood, CEO & Chairperson, Navjivan Health Service - National Unity & Security Council”

Dr. Monica B. Sood, a qualified Physician in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, Masters in Human Resources, Business and Law.  Dr. Monica, who is a widely travelled and qualified woman is also a social worker, she is personally committed to banish deadly diseases and to alleviate suffering of the downtrodden and to create peace among the different nations. She is the sole in charge of Navjivan Health Service, Navjivan Herbal cures and various establishments under Navjivan Group. She is also the Chairperson of National Unity & Security Council, which is a Socio-economic and World Brotherhood body.  

Dr. Monica is well versed in the field of Medicine; she recognizes and deciphers the trouble of every individual who seeks help from her. She deeply understands the physical and mental ailment and helps the individual to uproot the disease from his system.

Always craving for more knowledge, Dr. Monica says that there was hardly any day when she did not discover or learn something new for the benefit of mankind. She is of the opinion ,that as the finger prints of any two persons in the entire human race never tallies with each other; similarly the physical and mental peculiarities of any two patients suffering from a common disease seldom coincided.

Born in a family of scholars and scientists, she started taking interest in herbs, plants and medicines right from the age of 5, she closely perceived and ascertained every little detail of herbs and minerals and their several concoctions. After looking at the great works of her grandfather and her father, she was determined to heal people and eliminate the diseases which are said to be incurable in this part of the world.

At the age of 18, she became the youngest CEO of Navjivan Group and since then she is at the helm of mission to heal humanity. In thirst of acquiring more knowledge and desire to learn more about the needs and requirements of ailing humanity, she travelled and visited in almost every part of the world and contemplated that masses are whimpering and wailing in need of desperate rescue from the clutches of various diseases, which are afflicting their mind, body and soul. Dr. Monica B. Sood propounded various formulations to deal with ailments which are rampant and does not have any cure so far in Western System of Medicine.

During these years Dr. Sood has played a multifaceted role, after a long experience in the field of medicine, she struggled at social and political magnitude in upholding the cause of truth in various countries and passing through intense strife and tribulation. She created international rapport and a common wavelength of thoughts between people to people of different races, cultures and nationalities of the World.

Apart from her socio-cultural activities for promoting solidarity and national cohesion in India. She is also campaigning for World Peace. She is devoted to the patriotic mission of re-vitalising the country’s economy by proposing direly-needed reforms to the government and suggesting new policy and programme which will conduce to wholesome changes in socio-economic infrastructure. Being based on a scientific approach, her policies will yield desired results with almost absolute certainty by making the Indian economy truly dynamic and vibrant.

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