Mr. Rajarajan Manoharan

Achiever's Success Story

“Rajarajan Manoharan, Founder & CEO, Blooming Blue Planet Labs”

Green blooming blue planet labs enact the green energy for our planet earth with the dubious distinction of implementing digitalisation in a decentralized manner to achieve the decarbonisation. Blooming blue planet labs are interested in signing an MOU to explore the development of technologies, improve capabilities of common interest and engage in research projects with the diversified fields of research and development network of Indian universities.

Indian government has allotted 8000 crores for enhancing the quantum computing technologies for our nation. Blooming Blue Planet labs envision to invest for being the active participant in the creation of software. This can automatically partition a quantum program and assign different pieces to the different processors for the launch of universal fault tolerant quantum computer with the stabiliser codes.

In the project “computational quantum chemistry and molecular simulations” to design new chemical processes and molecules which is a crucial driver of human progress with the process of

  1. Fixate nitrogen with low energy by understanding the chemical reactions of ferredoxin to get rid of hot and energy consuming haber-bosch process for the fertilizer production
  2. Enriching the field of molecular spintroncis to utilize molecules in the quantum computing to improve the coherence level of qubits or quantum bits
  3. Improvising the quantum bit or qubit quality metrics to script the meaningful error correction algorithms which can be implemented in the mission of achieving 1 million and beyond qubit level.

Blooming Blue Planet Labs adhere to the planet safetly through technological ways. Where the love of our ecosystems starts, there starts the art of our planet responsibilities which has relied on improvising the Diversified Fields Technologies in the optimal manner by hailing the Microbial Ecology.

They urge everyone to  integrate and win the current challenges in our biosphere which is a worldwide sum of all ecosystems in our planet EARTH by enacting the evergreen energy globally and extend our living atmosphere across the universe.

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