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Advisory Board:

Indian Achievers' Forum has a full-fledged Advisory board which consists of nos. of high profile people and personalities from all the fields from politicians to the intellectuals. The strategic direction is provided by the Advisory board. The Advisory board has overall responsibility for establishing and guiding the long-term direction and objectives of the Forum as it reaches out to both the business world and to civil society.

The Advisory board represents the interests of the forum's members. It has specific responsibility for ensuring that the membership of the Forum is deeply and actively engaged in pursuing its mission.
Indian Achievers' Forum is an independent, impartial, non-profit foundation which acts for the benefit of the Indian business community.
The Forum has a two-tier membership structure i.e.



However the governing body of the Forum has the right to appoint any distinguished/eminent person as PATRON of the FORUM.

The members are at the centre of the Forum's work to identify and formulate responses to the most important issues on the Indian agenda. The members are committed to active involvement in the work of the Forum and to supporting the Forum financially. They proactively participate in shaping the Indian agenda and lead dialogues and cooperative actions with the other key members and constituents in India.

The Characteristics of members includes:

1.  They rank among the top companies within their industries.

2. The dimension of their activities in social terms.

3. A leading role in shaping the future of their industry and or region.

They include Corporate through CEOs, Chairmans, MDs, Proprietors, Partners, Engineers, Scientists, Doctors, Professional and Consultants, Eminent Individuals, etc.

Training Center:

Like it or not, as business horizons advance from the known to the unknown in todays world, we need more reliable, recent and useful information to achieve our objectives. During our journey to create useful information from raw data, it is inevitable that we will experience varying levels of ignorance on certain matters, but these should be temporary as we expand our ocean of discovery. So the journey becomes more important than reaching our destination, as we learn to reduce unknowns to known within quicker learning cycles and thereby better equipping ourselves for the future challenge.

So let us consider a simple hypothesis - to survive in the knowledge economy, should recreation and development programmes, adopt revolutionary business management practices or evolve the basics?

Sure, business practices are changing rapidly, but let us also remember that business change is essentially an extension of what is already known and driven towards unknown horizons. It is also given that existing knowledge will continue to evolve and change in response to strategic and competitive factors, providing creative strategic stretch as business strategy are navigated from the known to the unknown.

The present day managers have learnt to live and do business in the era of uncertainty and for that purpose they have to be guided in a systematic approach for such change and management of such change.

At this juncture, our journey has to start and professionals like the undersigned teaming up with academicians along with other distinguished people in different areas have decided to expand our ocean of discovery and result is the formation of RECREATION CENTRE OF INDIAN ACHIEVERS' FORUM.

The Main object of this center is to meet and beat the challenges posed due to the changed environment and to adopt ourselves in the knowledged economy.

Programmes & Services to Participants & Members include:

  • Close interaction with IAF's renowned Members, Government agencies, international agencies and academia.
  • Assistance to trade and industry in becoming competitive in national and international markets.
  • Promotion of international trade through meetings with visiting foreign business delegations, and participation in Trade Fairs/Exhibitions.
  • Expert advice on diverse subjects such as industrial growth, monetary and fiscal policy, exchange rate policy, economic planning, taxation and corporate laws.
  • Regular and timely information on latest national and international policies Govt. legislation and technical developments.
  • Generating awareness and gathering public support regarding specific aspects of business for overall business development.
  • Analysis of legislation: Helping policy makers, foreign investors, trade and industry.
  • Platform to interact and gain professional knowledge through seminars, workshops and round table meetings.
  • Energy Efficiency Centre
  • Awards: Felicitating outstanding performers on a global platform for their remarkable achievements in India and abroad.
  • Training programmes: Organising Management training, skill development workshops, open house seminars.
  • B to B meetings: Arranging interaction between business delegation from India and foreign chambers of commerce, in India as well as overseas.
  • Organising trade exhibitions at national international level.
  • Research: Product research services, market research services, need based surveys on diversified topics.
  • Branding of the Companies: Helping companies to attract more customers by strengthening their brand image through visual communication services.
  • Social media: Assisting companies in promoting their services and products online 24x7 through various social media channels, like facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube.
  • Mini Management courses: Cutting long stories short. Organising flexi-time short-term management courses for working executives.
  • Corporate Governance: Helping organisations in strategising their investments in a systematic manner.
  • Strategic Alliance: Promoting Indian products and services on global platform through collaboration with foreign investors.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility "CSR" highlighting the CSR initiative of Corporate, Govt. agencies, NGOs etc. through seminars, workshops, publications and social media.

Shri Hardeep Singh Puri

Shri Suresh Prabhu

Shri Ashwini Kr. Choubey

Shri K J Alphons

Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Shri Manoj Kumar Tiwari

Mr. Sanjeev Bikhchandani

H.E Mr. Jagdishwar Goburdhun

Ms. Stuti Kackar

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma

Shri Sailesh

Shri Ram Mohan Mishra

Smt. Anju Bhalla

Mr. E.S. Ranganathan

Dr. Shymala Mani